LANTAC LA-R22 .22LR Tan Polymer Magazine

LANTAC LA-R22 .22LR Tan Polymer Magazine
Made from robust and hard wearing polymer material with added fiber to increase strength and durability.
Available in a number of colours including Black, Tan & Foliage Green (coming soon).
Designed to work with the CMMG Bolt Hold Open Actuator (BHOA) and LANTAC LA-R22 Bolt System (sold separately).
Operates with Atchisson-Ciener style bolt groups.
Easy loading and reliable feeding when maintained and kept clean from rimfire fouling media.

Works in the following Rifles:
Spikes Tactical ST-22 and variants, CMMG, SIG522, V22 (theoretical but untested), LANTAC Raven .22LR & LMT .22LR Rifles.

We do not recommend that you store your magazines loaded to full capacity, the increased pressure puts stress on the feed lips and is not advised.
Load 4-5 rounds under maximum to increase feedlip life.

25 Rounds with Standard non BHOA Follower (Available separately).
24 Rounds with BHOA Follower, CCI Standard Velocity or Mini Mag Ammunition.

Hard Wearing, Drop Resistant Fiber Polymer.
Injection Moulded.

Small parts under spring tension, please remember to wear adequate eye protection when disassembling or reassembling this product.

See below for more information.

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The LANTAC LA-R22 Magazines have a special follower designed to function with the CMMG Bolt Hold Open Actuator (BHOA) and LANTAC proprietary .22LR Bolt System..
The rear edge of the follower will engage with the BHOA catch that in turn will lock the rimfire bolt back on last round fire. The bolt will remain in this position while the magazine is removed and a fresh magazine inserted, the bolt catch can then be activated to send it forward again and reload the rifle.
Depending on your exact rifle and lower receiver dimensions it may be necessary to make some minor modifications in order to get reliable operation from the BHOA and Bolt Catch.

One of the key factors that govern how effective the CMMG BHOA operates is bolt catch spring power.
It’s essential for reliable function that this spring is reduced in strength to the minimum required for operation of the bolt catch. The follower spring will then have plenty of power to engage the BHOA catch.
New CMMG BHOA's ship with a reduced power CMMG bolt catch spring, this also needs adjustment to operate effectively.

We recommend that the standard bolt catch spring is cut and that 3-4 coils are removed from it ( 3 and a 1/4 coils are perfect for most rifles). The CMMG BHOA reduced power spring should have 1 to 2 full coils removed from it.

Remove complete coils (360 degrees) and its best to take off one at a time.

Each magazine has been tested to drop free from the tightest magwell we could find, however all lower receivers are made to different standards and may be slightly out of spec or to a tighter tolerance. If your magazine sticks with your lower magwell then it may be necessary to lightly sand it until it drops free without assistance.
LANTAC LA-R22 Magazine .22LR Polymer

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