CMMG MK4 .22LR Semi Auto AR15 Rifle
CMMG Uk Mk4 Improved AR15 Rifle by LANTAC UK
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CMMG MK4 LANTAC Improved .22LR AR15 Rifle.
Back for 2017. We now offer the CMMG MK4 LANTAC Improved Rifle and there are many reasons to consider an improved CMMG over the standard version.
We don't believe in box shifting and we don't believe in average either, so everything we offer here has been stripped and tuned to give you the best possible experience when you shoot it.
We back that up with the best possible customer care, secure online and face to face card payment facilities, a complete stock of every single individual part that goes into these rifles and a wealth of knowledge and skill regarding assembly, operation and design of the AR15 / M16 on every level, from Full Auto 5.56mm to Semi Auto .22LR.
We have a fully equipped workshop and offer full gunsmithing services, all under one roof, so that any work you require can be undertaken cost efficiently and in a timely manner.
You can liken what we do here to blueprinting a Remington 700, while the base gun functions fine the result of a little hard work delivers a rifle that is so much more than the sum of its parts.
Simply put these are the best Semi Custom .22LR AR15 based rifles available in the UK today. At a price point that makes them attainable by all.
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cmmg uk ar15 rifle
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CMMG Receiver Work
CMMG UK AR15 Receiver True
True the Receiver.
If your receiver isn't true then the barrel cannot fit perpendicular to the front receiver face. There will be a gap in some area or another and this can lead to barrel movement under firing, even when the barrel nut is torqued to the correct setting. To get the maximum accuracy from the rifle it is vital that the barrel fit is square, flush and consistent. We therefore lap the barrel nut extension area of the upper back until it is true to the bore. It is then acid blacked before the barrel is reinstalled.
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CMMG Barrel Work
LANTAC Gunsmith AR15
Re Crown the Muzzle.
An out of true muzzle will destroy accuracy on any rifle and factory barrel crowns are never completely perpendicular to the bore due to the nature of mass production. We carefully precision re crown each rifle barrel so it delivers its maximum accuracy for the shooter. This is standard on all CMMG MK4 LANTAC Improved rifles we sell. The same cannot be said for rifles available elsewhere.
By refacing the muzzle to be perpendicular to the bore with an 11° crown we ensure the rifle performs at its best from the start.
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LANTAC CMMG UK AR15 Trigger Work
Upgrade the Trigger.
The standard CMMG trigger like any .22LR Rifle made using AR15 parts is a single stage 7.5lb-7.8lb pull, sometimes even heavier. There is also quite a lot of 'creep' due to sear geometry and the relative rough finish of the parts .
To improve this situation we polish the primary sears using a special fixture and install a reduced power trigger spring . The result of this work is a much lighter trigger pull of approximately 5.5lb with a lot of that 'creep' associated with the standard trigger removed.
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CMMG Chamer and Bolt Work
Polish the Feedramp, Chamber and Inspect.
Having built 100's of .22LR ARs and repaired countless more that others couldn't build properly, we know that one of the biggest contributing factors to proper cycling is a smooth chamber. To that end all chambers on our guns are carefully polished as standard as part of the improvement process. Feedramps are also polished and all work is inspected after completion.
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CMMG New Grip
CMMG UK AR15 LANTAC Upgrade Pistol Grip
Upgrade the Pistol Grip & Trigger Guard.
While the standard A2 Grip is functional it's far from ergonomic. We now offer an upgraded ERGO over molded rubber grip as standard on all our rifles.
We also fit a 'Winter' style Magpul upgrade trigger guard, as standard on every rifle too.  
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CMMG Full Length Ejection Port Cover
CMMG UK Full length ejection port cover Ar15
Fit a Full Length Ejection Port Cover.
The standard CMMG rifle  features a cut down ejection port cover and plastic insert that makes it look less authentic to the original AR15 .223/5.56 rifle.
Our improved version features a full length cover that is installed as standard on every rifle we sell. So you get the proper look, feel and function from the start.

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Ultimate CMMG UK AR15 Rifle
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CMMG MK4 Improved.
So what you have now is a Semi Custom, Factory rifle that is as good as it can be from the start. Built with care by knowledgeable gunsmiths, with attention to detail and at a great price. From these foundations you can continue to upgrade and customise your rifle and we offer a large selection of accessories that can be installed.
Please see the firearms section of our website for more options and our online shop for further information on what we have available.
If you need something you can't see on the web shop then please contact us for a special order request.

CMMG MK4-S LANTAC Improved .22LR Semi Auto Rifle
16'' 1:16 Twist 4140CM Barrel, Salt Bath Nitride Finish, Re crowned with 11° target crown, 1/2-28UNEF R/H Threads. A2 Compensator.
Polished chamber and feed ramp, full barrel inspection.
Stainless steel Bolt assembly with easy Firing Pin removal & fully functioning Forward Assist insert system.
Forged 7075-T6 Flat Top Upper Receiver, Milspec Type 3, Class2 Anodising. Trued front face for perfect barrel alignment and fit.
Anti jam black polymer Charging Handle.
Forged 7075-T6 Lower Receiver, Milspec Type 3, Class2 Anodising.
Reworked Trigger Group, reduced pull weight, stoned & polished Sears. 4.8Lb approx Single Stage.
Replaced A2 Grip with black fiber reinforced ergonomic version.
Installed full length Ejection Port Cover.
Installed 'Winter' style enhanced Trigger Guard.
Supply replacement black fiber reinforced polymer 25Rnd LANTAC Magazine.

Please see our UK Firearms section for more information.

Please Note: Rifle is shown with optional upgrades and scope that are not included on the basic model. Variances in Logos, Logo position and material colour are to be expected.
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cmmg uk .22lr bolt